Friday, August 12, 2011

A-Cross the Line in the Sand

In my previous post, I examined the reasons why an atheist may appear to be rude to a Christian believer upon discovering those beliefs.

Well, the Chalitzah sandal's on the other foot now.  We'll turn our focus on why Christians often give atheists the cold shoulder upon learning about their lack of faith.  To me, this list is much more entertaining and enlightening.  ;-)

You'll find a lot of similar reasons on this list, because we are human, after all.  However, there are some unique twists based on Scripture-based beliefs which really put an ugly slant on life.  Here's why I think a Christian may appear to get rude to atheists based on examples I have seen:

  • Arrogance: believing that someone without faith is silly, willfully ignorant, or just slow.
  • Insecurity: not having a foundational defense for why you believe, you just avoid getting into the conversation.
  • Anger: in a stage of recovery due to the recent loss of belief that the other person had faith.  You can't understand why you didn't realize their lack of faith earlier.
  • Bored: heard all of the atheist reasoning before, is still not impressed, and does not want to listen to it again.
  • Turned Off(1): may have nothing or little to do with the other person's lack of belief, but the sum of the conversation thus far has made you decide the other person is not worth talking to, and you are just not a fan of perpetuating social graces.
  • Turned Off(2):the atheist has found a way to belittle the belief in God and/or Jesus ten times into his or her last five sentences, and so seems a bit overzealous.
  • Indignation(1): you believe that no one has the right to question God.
  • Indignation(2): you see the atheist before as a representative of all atheist, and can"t abide to be in the presence of a perceived wicked force against God.
  • Fear(1): you do not understand atheism so you try to avoid it for your own protection.
  • Fear(2): you believe that the other person's atheist cooties (for lack of a better word) may somehow contaminate you and threaten your Salvation.
  • Fear(3): you believe that the other person's atheist reasoning may somehow tempt you and turn you from God.
  • Fear(4): you believe the other person is demon possessed.
  • Fear(5): you believe the other person is deluded by Satan and has been turned into an agent working for Satan.
  • Fear(6): with the Bible as your trusted moral compass, you are afraid that someone without a Bible compass is inherently going to be wickedly evil.  Without the Bible, how do they know what is right and what is wrong?
If I left something off, please let me know.

You probably noticed the heavy concentration on fears.  Fear is one of the by-products of this kind of faith.  Whether or not this fear is justified on an accurate interpretation of Scripture is up for debate, but to deny that these fears are spawned from some parts of the Bible would just be a lie.


  1. I've known you personally for a rather long time now, so I think I can accurately comment on each of these with regard to you. Er, me. Whichever.... For the record:

    Arrogance: No, you're the smartest person I know. In this state, at least. ;-)

    Insecurity: No. You know me--I *love* getting into debates!

    Anger: I've always known you were an atheist.

    Bored: Definitely not.

    Turned Off(1): I'm not a fan of perpetuating social graces, certainly, but you're definitely worth talking to.

    Turned Off(2): Yes, I'd have to say that I do think you're overzealous.

    Indignation(1): No. Question God all you want.

    Indignation(2): Wicked?!? You're a better man than I!

    Fear(1): Definitely not afraid of atheism.

    Fear(2): No, nothing can threaten my salvation.

    Fear(3): Absolutely not. If you can convince me that I'm wrong, so be it. It's all about the truth, wherever that may lead!

    Fear(4): No, I don't think you're demon possessed. :-)

    Fear(5): And I don't think you work for Satan. Although I think he would hire you on the spot. ;-)

    Fear(6): You know the Bible as well or better than I, so this argument doesn't apply.

    So that's me. But I can definitely see how these might cause other Christians to avoid talking with you, as misguided as that is.

  2. You flatter me, Ollie Wallflower.

    If I'm the smartest person you know in the state, you should probably expand your circle of friends. LOL! :-)

    I'm not really an overzealous atheist, but I play one on the internet. ;-)

    I'm not so sure I'm "better" than you at the heart of the matter. It may just be appearances, or it may be that my shoes (circumstances) have just been a little easier to walk in. Regardless of ranking, if it was up to me, I'd be happy to Save you. :-)