Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Me - An Index

My rise and fall in the faith, and the beginning of study:

My school/work history:

Some views on Christianity and studying the Bible:


  1. In one of your post you were explaining why you hadn't orginally posted a bio (you wanted to remain anonymous for the sake of your family).So, my first question is "Is there Actually a way to set-up, or run a blogsite and remain anonymous to the general public? If so, could you share that information with me? Now, I love your blog, TWF, at least the little bit that I've read so far. The reason I'm asking is I have an idea for a blogsite that may be considered a little controversial (like yours probably is for some people)but I have concerns about online anonimity for my families' sake also. Any insight you could share would be helpful and keep up the good work, seriously. Your site and your honesty and courage really has inspired me. Thanks I would add my email address but I don't know if it would be publicized (I'm a real online rookie) please advise as to how we can communicate privately, if necessary.

  2. Hi Vet! Thanks for the complements, and sorry for the delay in my reply. I am traveling right now, and rarely have internet.

    Yes, you can set up a blog anonymously. At least you could at one time. Sign up with a free email account in which you use a pseudonym. Do not add your cell phone number. (There is usually a link to bypass this step with the email and the blog if you look closely enough.) Of course, even that would not save you from the ultra-tech-savvy inspectors, but it should help keep you under the radar for all but the most sophisticated and persistent inquisitors.

  3. Thank you so much for your reply. Let me know if I can ever do anything to return your kindness.

  4. For your understanding of the bible to be accurate, you must remove all of Paul's epistles. Unless you rightly divide the word of truth II Timoty 2:15

  5. Anonymous
    My understanding of the Bible is based on studying the entire Bible. Paul contradicts what Jesus, and even what God Himself said. I have answered your objection more thoroughly in the Jesus Says Obey the Law! post where you made your more thorough objection.