Thursday, April 19, 2012

The History of the Devil - Post Index

This is the index post for the History of the Devil series. I'll put my posts under the appropriate chapter headings.

The History of the Devil
and the Idea of Evil
from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

By Paul Carus
1900 C.E.

About the author.

Chapter 1: Good and Evil as Religious Ideas

Chapter 2: Devil Worship
Chapter 3: Ancient Egypt

Chapter 4: Accad and the Early Semites

Chapter 5: Persian Dualism

Chapter 6: Israel

Chapter 7: Brahmanism and Hinduism

Chapter 8: Buddhism

Chapter 9: The Dawn of a New Era

Chapter 10: Early Christianity

Chapter 11: The Idea of Salvation in Greece and Italy

Chapter 12: The Demonology of Northern Europe

Chapter 13: The Devil's Prime

Chapter 14: The Inquisition

Chapter 15: The Age of the Reformation

Chapter 16: The Abolition of Witch-Prosecution

Chapter 17: In Verse and Fable

Chapter 18: The Philosophical Problem of Good and Evil

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