Friday, September 9, 2011

Twilight Sucks

I find it amusing and sad that the third most popular post on my other blog is "Vampires in the Bible."  There are no real vampires in the Bible.  If they were there, I'm pretty sure that the church would have hopped on the pop-culture bandwagon spawned largely by the Twilight series as a way to tout how relevant they are.

It just goes to show you how Biblically illiterate the faithful population is.  For far too many, it is a blind faith where they simply swallow whatever their preacher serves to them because they are too lazy to study for themselves, or because their priorities are so far into worldly concerns that they have too little time for that kind of study, which is wrong on so many levels that it scares me to think some of these same people are leading our country, or vying to do so.


  1. As the church billboard that I recently told you about said, it's "The Scourge of Biblical Illiteracy." How discouraging.