Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Class Nuns

I've got about a zillion posts screaming to get out of my skull, but sometimes I've got to pay the bills, and sometimes that happens unexpectedly.  One moment pondering the precise comfy position I will take on the couch tomorrow, the next moment making travel plans instead.  So there's more to come later.

On my first flight, there were a couple of nuns.  They sat in first class.  Something makes the thought of "first class nuns" very funny to me.  :-)


  1. They probably wanted wider seats to avoid you weird folks who always wanted to be close to a Nun. :-)
    Best luck on travels and money making.
    In Osaka, Japan, a common greeting among business men was "Make any Money Today?"

    1. I'm in the habit of avoiding sitting near nuns, myself. (Pun intended.) Actually, I would probably be one of those weird guys who asked them a bunch of stupid questions.

      It's funny sometimes that what would perhaps come off as rude, or too forward, is a common greeting in other cultures. I'll have to remember that when I get to Japan!