Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming Back Around

I've got a backlog of eight technical reports and some expenses to process, but I am approaching the end of the tunnel.  The light's getting brighter.  The future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades.

There is another chaotic job to cover next week, but I expect a return to normalcy shortly thereafter.  Well, at least as "normal" as I get.

The irregularly scheduled posts will soon continue in regular fashion, and I'll soon get the chance to visit all of your blogs again..  Thanks for bearing with me.

By the way, here's an insider's tip regarding my other blog.  I schedule the posts, but I do so with a "hidden" code.  They go up after 7 AM Eastern time, but exactly when is the code.  Posts at 7:01 are ones with content I think is so meaningful that I wish all Christians would read.  As the posts get later, they are generally less potent arguments, ranging up to 7:07.  So if you are pressed for time, or are just interested in the big issues, you may want to skip the later posts and instead focus on what's coming out at 7:01-7:03 AM.


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