Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tis the Season

Tis the season, for spreading germs.  :-/  I've been sick, and so posting has suffered.

Tis the season for hypocrisy as well, which is almost as nasty as boogers oozing out of your nose uncontrollably, and even more ubiquitous.  I know I'm a hypocrite in my own ways, despite struggling to not be one.  And while it doesn't always "take one to know one," that may be why I see the hypocrisy in simultaneously holding both of these standpoints:

We don't want any of our tax dollars to support Planned Parenthood because what they do is expressly against our religious beliefs.There's nothing wrong with a Jesus nativity scene at the city hall.

Maybe through gently highlighting hypocrisies like these, we can help people become a little more accommodating of the beliefs of their fellow citizens.  Happy Holidays!


  1. When I'm sick, all I do is post! Get with the program, TWF! ;-)

  2. That's an entirely different kind of sick! :-)

  3. Hope you feel better soon, I hate being sick

    1. Thanks! I'm at about 80% now, where mostly my body is trying to find equilibrium again. If only there was a hard reset button, it would be a lot easier!

  4. Sorry you've been ill. I'm about 98% better. But am I ever cautious when out and about. Stay away germs! Are you ever really 100%? *grin*

  5. Thanks, Zoe! And I'm glad to hear that you are doing well again! :-)

    Sure, you can make it to 100%. Sometimes. And it tends to last about as long as a beautiful sunset, and should be indulged in as deeply... :-)