Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beginning of the End...

Yup.  I'm still here.  The new year has brought on a heavy work load.  Given that I (mostly) enjoy my career, and being gainfully employed, this blog in particular has been put on the back burner, but it's far from over...

My other blog, on the other hand, is coming to an end of sorts. When I started The Wise Fool blog, I had three writing goals in mind: 
  • Write studies through the Pentateuch/Law/First five books of the Bible.
  • Write studies through the four Gospels.
  • Write summaries of all the books of the Bible (except Psalms and Proverbs).
As that blog enters its fifth year, at the current pace I think I'll be able to knock out studies on the remainders of the Gospels before Christmas.  The rest of the summaries should also be done by then, or, if not, they will take up a higher priority once the study posts are done.

I've got to tell you, I am really looking forward to that end.  I may have stopped long ago if it was just for me, but I'm trying to help other people out.  I don't know what they will be searching for, but I figured that when I set my goals that the Law and the Gospels would cover most of what people were trying to find out:  how did God start things off and what did Jesus really do?

Anyway, I'm working on another comic for this blog, and about 2-4 other articles are conceptually started as well, so I'll see you back here in February.  :-)


  1. I've thought about retiring too, but when I do I will not give as much notice as you. :-)

    In my case, I have found so many other great atheist blogs that I feel much of my stuff is redundant. I like to think I put a different spin on it, but almost every original concept I come up with, upon Googling, isn't new. At least you and Haus have the Bible as a material source, but since the good book has an end, any commentary of it should also.

  2. Thanks Grundy! I would say that even if your literal content is pretty much covered elsewhere, your poker aspects and your visual style definitely lend a much needed perspective in my opinion. In general, your material is definitely more accessible than mine to the general audience, and I think that's great! :-) Please keep it up!

  3. Good job! Hard work. People will be reading your Biblical blogs for years to come.

  4. Thanks Sabio! I sure hope so. :-)