Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Anti-Pope and the End

Hey, did you hear that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign?...

OK, so that's old news.  I'm sorry!  Have I mentioned that I've been busy?  ;-)  Enough of that broken record though, and on to the end.

While I know you've heard that Benedict XVI resigned and Francis took his place, did you know that Benedict XVI was the Antichrist?  Oh yes!  Shortly after Benedict XVI became Pope on 19 April 2005, claims sprung up about him being the Antichrist, such as here and here.  I heard about this, and I have been waiting for that old codger to kick the bucket ever since!

Don't get me wrong; I didn't wish any harm on him.  I just wanted yet another foolish "prophesy" to be fully rendered into the gibberish that all such prophesies have been since the dawn of time.  His resignation was good enough, as it will be difficult for him to do what the Antichrist is supposed to do without the Papal seat.  :-)

If you look at those linked sites above, they hedge the claims about Benedict XVI being the Antichrist so as to look less foolish if they are wrong, but years ago that was not the case.

It seems that lots of people have a fetish for the end of the world at this particular moment of history.  Between globalization of business and the exponential boom of technology, the world is changing faster than I change my underwear; and I'm a single-side, single-use, single-day kind of a guy when it comes to that.  ;-)  Not finding any truly rigid point to affix their hopes to, the faithful seem ever-more-anxious to push the reset button and recreate the world into some form of perpetual paradise at the hand of a benevolent God.

For example, way back in 2010, I found this little gem:
"If additional time is granted the world for repentance and the acceptance of Yahuwah’s invitation to accept the sacrifice of His Son, Yahushua’s gift of eternal life, it would be short at best. Any additional time of grace is far from assured. After the fall of 2013, every additional day granted by Yahuwah should be regarded as living on borrowed time."
That's this year!  But don't get too excited.  Now that the end is near, according to that prophesy, they have reworded the page to be much more vague about the dated of the end.  You will not find that quote here anymore.  In fact, I just checked and found the page completely removed, and you can't find any word about Fall 2013.  I guess God must have changed the dates on them, or maybe they didn't want to appear too much like Harold Camping.

There are two important things to remember here.  One point is that predictions of the end, in one form or another, have been made almost since religions got their start.  The second point is that they have all been 100% wrong.  There are no signs of that changing any time soon...

The folks at OnlinePsychologyDegree.net created this fine info-graphic with a sampling of interesting and funny predictions of the end throughout the centuries.  Enjoy!

End of the World Infographic


  1. Nice infographic. I like the new Pope better so far. Hey, he even said atheists could go to heaven until his unfalible ass got corrected.

  2. Cool, huh Grundy? I was really surprised to see that Newton took a stab at the end-time prediction game.

    I've enjoyed Pope Francis too. :-) Drop the pomp, serve others, and love all. I like that! It is hilarious that he got corrected just from a standpoint of his infallible status, but it's kind of sad too.

    1. I guess the Pope is infallible, but not Church infallible.

  3. Grundy, what you have to realize is that it is "spiritual" infallibility, not "literal" infallibility. ;-)

  4. Love the infographic. It makes me realize that no matter what predictions will carry on until religion gets shown the door. What I cant understand is that people still believe these guys after the get it horribly wrong.

    Pat Robertson is a classic example of this. How he still fools people is beyond me. I suppose great minds thin alike and fools never differ.

  5. I'm really not sure how Pat Robertson is still in business either, Christian. It's a real mystery. :-)

    I guess people just want that drama. Maybe it's a way of dealing with it. They feel powerless to change the world's problems, so they are all-too-anxious to believe that some kind of god is going to step in and fix everything.

  6. Hi here you can find your lost article with the reference of "the fall of 2013, every additional day granted by Yahuwah should be regarded as living on borrowed time."



  7. Thanks makedonin! That's great! Here is the link to that page.

  8. I'm not sure what is sadder -- that quacks keep making end-times predictions, or that gullible people continue to believe them.

  9. It doesn't speak very highly of us as a species, does it Ahab?