Sunday, January 22, 2012

About Those Job Creators...

If we truly have a class of "job creators," why are they not creating jobs to solve the country's unemployment problem and weak economy?  How can anyone listen to the rhetoric the Republican candidates are spouting out about protecting and favoring the "job creators" without realizing the great irony that they are effectively saying that it is government (through policy) which is the real job creator, not these elusive "job creators" who are sitting on their hands right now?

I don't know.  Just a thought...


  1. I've wondered the same thing. They "Job Creators" rhetoric amounts to government subsidized job creation. And even at that there aren't that many jobs being created.

  2. I know what you mean, D'Ma! It takes a lot more than government regulation, and/or subsidies, to really "create" jobs. It's just a shame that so many of our fellow Americans are lulled into believing that government, on one side or the other, is the entire answer to our present employment issues.

    "I picked a bad week to give up sniffing glue." :-)

  3. To avoid pushing too many buttons, let me start with a disclaimer: Are their abusive corporations -- absolutely. Is the government controlled inappropriately by corporations -- absolutely. Do Republicans use rhetoric -- absolutely.

    Well, isn't your brief post saying something like:

    If we really have food producers, we isn't the whole world fed?
    Somalia has food producers. So why is there starvation?

    I see people daily who don't understand the importance of those who offer them employment. They are the ones who bounce between jobs and unemployment. They feel they deserve everything in life -- and thus are without much. But the most important thing they are missing is strength, humility, confidence, endurance, civility and all the things which would cure their self-destructive attitude toward employers. Most of them were raised in a 'home' with the same culture.

    1. Ha ha! You rightly called me out on that, Sabio. At least based on what I had posted.

      This post wasn't meant to be an attack on "job creators" themselves, but just a stab at the rhetoric of the spin doctors. And a jokingly sarcastic stab, at that. Sometimes logic suffers for the sake of a laugh. Or even when a joke fails to get a laugh... ;-)

      The Republicans swapped out "wealthy" for "job creators," as if all of the wealthy also went around actively creating jobs. The truth is, as can be seen in Romney's tax filing, the wealthy have disincentives for creating jobs versus simply making investments. That's the foundation of the sentiment in this post. (This concept answers your food producer/starvation questions too!)

      However, I would agree with a lot of the content in your last paragraph. This is far from being a one-sided issue.