Sunday, January 29, 2012

(Gay) Star Wars!

Check out this article about Tony Perkins (of Family Research Council) urging fundamentalist to speak out against (virtual) same-sex relationships in a yet-to-be-released portion of a Star Wars MMORPG.

I guess he figures that it is much safer for a guy to pretend to be a girl to engage in a non-consummated, non-graphic, virtual relationship with their son than for a gay guy to just be himself...  Long live fantasy!  :-)

Too bad that Tony doesn't recognize that the real risk is exposing his son to pale-faced super-geeks who live their whole lives online!

Wait a minute.  I live in a glass house.  Maybe I shouldn't be hurling these rocks... ;-)


  1. I once retro-fitted my house to have plexi-glass instead. Unfortunately, I forgot to install a door. Now I can't even get into my house! :-)

    That's a wild article. Some of the comments are pretty fun.

    1. Doh! I hate it when that kind of thing happens!