Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Still Here

If you are almighty God, and/or His mighty Son, and the best way you have of communicating to people is by getting believers who have never seen you before to put up plastic signs reminding people that you are still here, you probably don't exist.

These signs have popped up all over my small town, presumably because Christian persecution is so rampant that people no longer feel safe speaking about Jesus face-to-face, so they let these signs outside their homes do the talking for them... signs which conspicuously mark their location and identity.  :-p  (When will the persecution myth die?)

It makes me wonder:  Will the plastic on which this declaration of faith is printed outlast the religion on which this faith is based?  Based on current trends and the longevity of plastic, the odds indicate yes.

Anyway, I will be on hiatus from this blog for a month or so as I reach the conclusion of the Gospels on the other blog.  See you back here in August!  Oh, and, uh, do let me know if I need to put out a plastic sign to remind you when I get back...  ;-)


  1. LOL
    I have often said that if the Christian God were really so powerful and all loving, then they would not have to work so hard at all.
    I can see how the Plastic would help.
    See ya later.

  2. No kidding, Sabio. It should be a lot easier.