Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back from Zion

Hello whirled!  Part of the reason for my absence from this blog, besides wrapping up my other one, was vacation.  My wife and I celebrated our anniversary in Zion National Park, and had an excellent time doing so.  :-)

Zion is filled with awe-inspiring geological formations, and these landmarks are usually blessed with some kind of theologically inspired name.  Go figure, right?  "Zion"... the name of the prophesied restored Jerusalem/Israel, has other Biblical names?  How shocking!  ;-p

There is the Great White Throne, the Altar of Sacrifice, and Angel's Landing, to name a few.  The photo you see here is of the Court of the Patriarchs, where, from left to right, the whitish peaks are named after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

On the right, the reddish, orangish mount in front of the white peak is named Mount Moroni; Moroni being a Nephite prophet who was the one that allegedly gave the Golden Plates to Joseph Smith.  What do you expect?  That is Mormon country out there in southern Utah!

Anyway, here's a heads-up for various series I'll be posting on going forward:
  • Debate tips and strategies
  • More Holy Mackerel! comics
  • Buddhism, from the perspective of my Thai friend's favorite teacher
  • Continuation of the History of the Devil series.
So I've got some big ambitions, but, honestly I'll probably be lucky to get up to posting once a week.  I've got a lot of other projects in the works right now, which have nothing to do with religion.  :-)



  1. Welcome back -- sad to leave one of the god's country, eh? (Lots of Mormon Gods, right? Yahweh was just one -- ours, of course, the only one for this universe, but one of many)

    If I've got that straight

  2. Thanks! I love vacations, but it is good to be back!

    I am quite a bit weaker on my Mormon theology, but I think it's just the one God, coinciding with Yahweh, and that Jesus is literally His firstborn son.

    1. Oooops, sorry, wasn't following.

      This is crucial to understanding Mormonism:
      Mormonism has lots of Gods.

      Mind you, just one god per universe though. Yahweh is one here.

      So you will love this:

      A good Mormon will receive their own universe where they will make spiritual babies and then incarnate them onto one of their own planets and become the Father God of that Universe.



    2. I'm surprised you used a nested comment, Sabio!

      Ah yes. Now that you mention it, I do remember something like that, although I didn't remember that they actually became gods of their own universe. I was thinking that it was more like the master-ruler of their own planet, which they had to populate with the help of their multiple wives. How bizarre! Thanks for clarifying!

  3. Thanks PK! How did I miss that you had that blog?!?! I'll have to read a bit of it when I get some time.

    On the other hand, your other blog is quite nice too! ;-)

  4. Welcome back from your trip. More Holy Mackrel? Great!