Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your Value to God

For the source of this information, Leviticus 27:1-8, and take a look at my post on the chapter, where you'll find that women are worth less than men and that God approved of human sacrifice. :-)

Oh, and the meme is slightly inaccurate. God holds no value for children under one month old. Always the practical one, God wanted to be sure that the children were viable before assigning a value. ;-)


  1. I think we all assign value to others. The brain does it automatically.
    We have to fight this tendency -- since it is natural.
    Religion just cements someone's values with sanctimonious don't-question God-talk.

    For instance, consider if you had to choose between lives to save in a hypothetical situation -- strangers vs friends, kids vs. wife, pretty people vs ugly people.

    The ugly truth of our minds is disturbing.
    Since god is us, we should not be surprised at the outcome.
    god is no more horrible than us

  2. Sabio

    "Since god is us, we should not be surprised at the outcome.
    god is no more horrible than us

    Exactly. To me, seeing a god's humanity one of the best evidences that god is made up by men.

  3. I wonder why people who believe and book that assigns no value to kids are usually the most against abortion? And Leviticus has all the worst stuff in it. They should have cut that part out.

  4. I know, right Grundy? I mean, with a little editing it really could be "The Good Book".

    Well, OK, with a LOT of editing... ;-)

  5. I'm surprised more fundamentalists don't notice the parts of the Bible that assign unequal monetary value to humans. Why is it that people who embrace Biblical inerrancy are so willfully ignorant of the Bible's uncomfortable contents?

  6. Oh, Ahab, don't you understand that they are in love with Jesus? You know how it is when you're in love... you willfully overlook and ignore all kinds of flaws. :-)

    I just hope I can help people get out of the honeymoon phase a little faster. ;-)