Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fan Mail

Ahh, fan mail.  I get a lot of it.  And by a lot, I mean pretty much none.

Usually the fan mail I get is from strange-named "ladies" with a noticeably poor grasp of the English language who allegedly have seen my profile online, think I look cute, and would like to get to better know me.

Not that I am knocking people communicating in a language other than their own.  I mean, I wish my Spanish was half as good as some of the English in these emails.  It's just that it's a pretty telling indicator that such a random email with weird names, illicit interests, and poor grammar are kind of a give-away that it is a scam.  ;-)

Anyway, I recently received an email which was not exactly what you would call fan mail.  In fact, its intent was more reminiscent of what you see in the picture on this post.

Ordinarily (which is a stretch of that word because of how infrequently I receive emails like this) I would handle the matter privately in emails.  Plus, the content of his email is not really going to be news to anyone.  There is not going to be any shocking revelation in his words.

However, this particular individual is (at least according to the information he provided) a Reverend AND a rocket scientist!

Yeah, that's right.  A rocket scientist.

So for those of you who like to study human psychology, and are particularly interested in outliers, this may be of interest for you.  That is why I am going to go public with his email.  He asked a number of questions, which I intend to publicly answer as well.

Right now I am figuring out a way to post the rather loquacious email in a fashion which will not bore your socks off, or turn you off from the negativity in the email.  Give me a few days.

Then my intent is to get back to the History of the Devil stuff, as well as a bunch of other topics.  Who knows what order they will actually be posted in...


  1. This should be good. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

  2. I sure hope so Paul! This has been a real interesting experience for me.

  3. Having worked in medicine for a long time, I have learned something about "Personality Disorders" -- religious, secular or whatever, these folks are impossible to deal with and love attention. I've had several write me personal e-mails. I trash them -- I can smell them a mile away. They trick you into thinking the encounter is of value. All the medical journals tell you these folks are almost impossible to help and such time and energy out of every life they touch. Just be careful with certain types.