Monday, July 9, 2012

Interview with Deity Shmeity

Recently, self-proclaimed "Evolution's gift to women," Grundy, started popping up in the comments of some of the blogs I frequent.  You always wonder about newcomers, don't you?

Well, Grundy runs the Deity Shmeity blog, and there he does a pretty darn good job of highlighting some of the foolishness of religion, and sharing his approach to the major questions surrounding faith.  Check it out!

If that isn't enticing enough for you, Grundy is working on a series of great, short interviews with semi-prominent atheist bloggers which is definitely worth a read.  I'm not sure how I got into the mix, but, if you follow this link, you'll find an interview with me!

The interviews are quite engaging because of two factors:
  1. The people interviewed come from a variety of backgrounds.
  2. Grundy actually took the time to read a little about each person and ask them some specific questions based on their histories, as well as some common questions to all.
Enjoy!  I know you will.


  1. I checked it out. I think Grundy is a genius!

  2. Well played, sir. Well played. :-)

  3. I agree Grundy did a superior job interviewing you. I posted a comment on the interview, and I now realize that my comment has done a superior job messing with your interview.

    I feel so proud of myself now.

  4. I'm a regular Barbara Walters, as long as interviews don't go past seven questions.

  5. Well, you sure tried Paul, but I think I recovered. ;-)