Tuesday, August 7, 2012

M - Hear Flow - First Try

This is part of my meditation journal. See the first post for additional details.

Hear Flow combines aspects of Hear Out, Hear In, and possibly Hear Rest depending on the circumstances.  Only instead of focusing on the presence of physical or mental sound, instead you focus on the dynamic nature of that sound; how it changes.  That change is the "flow."  This is the last new technique which falls under the umbrella of the Focus on Hear super-method which I hope to take a class in this coming weekend.

I chose a spot in the house where I was sure to hear dynamic sound, but I may have overloaded myself on the first try.  I could hear my laptop fan, the refrigerator, and dehumidifiers in the basement, plus any other random noise that would occur.  So there were times when I it seemed that the real "flow" was my drift of focus from one sound to the other when my brain got too used to the subtle rhythm of whatever motor I was hearing.

The time did seem to pass quickly, yet I felt more anxious in getting the meditation done on this method.

During the mediation, I did have one moment where my brain conjured up a part of one of my favorite "ethereal" songs.  It's funny, but not surprising, how that connection was made.

I hope to get another practice in on these four methods before the class.

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