Thursday, August 16, 2012

M - Reprogramming Stoplights

This is part of my meditation journal. See the first post for additional details.

So, you may remember that in my second Hear In session, I had started to use a mental picture of a stoplight as opposed to mentally saying the notations of Hear In (green), Gone (yellow), and Hear Rest (red).  This helped alleviate the issue of my mental noting interfering with listening to the other voices in my head.  Well, apparently this has a side effect:

Today, on my way out of town, I hit several actual traffic red lights.  Usually, I am anxious when this happens, because I thrive in efficiency, and red lights are about as inefficient as you can get!  This time, as I was sitting at the red lights, a feeling of rest washed over me as I tied that red light to a mental calmness and rest.  Shinzen did mention that meditation reprograms your brain...  :-)

By the way, from now on, my meditation posts will be more sporadic, and in much larger increments of sessions.


  1. Yeah, don't meditate and drive -- what ever you do !

  2. Ha! I tried a little bit of that, but there are definitely more important things to focus on while driving! ;-)